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Jorge Gaspar

Jorge Gaspar Lawyer

- Law Graduate by the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra, 1988;
- Trainee Lawyer at the lawyers office, in individual practice, Dr. Manuel Antunes Ferreira, Covilhã, 1988-1989;
- Registered in the Portuguese Bar Association since 1989;
- Participant / Organizer 1st International Congress on Consumer Law, Coimbra, 2017;
- Attendance of Advanced Training Course “New Legal Framework for Recovery and Insolvency of Companies and Individuals”, Coimbra, June 2017;
- Participation on the “22nd National Congress on Labor Law”, Lisbon, 2018;
- Participation on the “5th Insolvency Law Congress”, Lisbon, 2019;

Main areas of expertise: Commercial and Business Law, Insolvencies and Business Recovery, Credit Recovery, Civil Law and Civil Litigation (Obligations, Family and Minors, Successions), Criminal Law and Criminal Litigation, Labor Law and Labor Litigation, Tax Litigation.